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Σήμερα είν' η σχόλη σου.

dc.contributor.otherΜελά - Καραμπάση, Κλειώ (τραγούδι) = Mela - Karabasi, Cleo (singer)
dc.coverage.spatialΕύδηλος (Ικαρία)
dc.descriptionΠαραδοσιακό ελληνικό τραγούδι με μουσική καταγραφή και ποιητικό κείμενο = Greek traditional song with musical transcription and lyricsel
dc.description.abstractThis song is sung for a friend or realative celebrating his name day. It describes the entertainment - a lavish spread on the table accompanied by local wine - and finishes with good wishes for the entire family. The song is strophic(i.e. has the same music for each verse), and the lines fifteen syllable iambic. The melody is divided into two parts, the first covering the first (eight-syllable) hemistich, which is extended by a four-syllable repeat, and the second part covering the second, seven-syllable hemistich. An interesting feature of the song is the repetition in the for aa bb, shich is not common in the music of mainland Greece.
dc.relation.ispartofΤραγούδια της Ικαρίας (Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης - Τμήμα Μουσικών Σπουδών)
dc.sourceΑρχείο Θέμελης, Δημήτριος = Archive Themelis, Dimitrios.
dc.subjectSocial (daily life)el
dc.titleΣήμερα είν' η σχόλη σου.el
dc.title.alternativeToday is your least day
dc.typeRecording, oralel

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