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Οι Καριώτες οι ψαράδες.

dc.contributor.otherΒρούλου, Σοφία (τραγούδι) = Vroulou, Sofia (singer)
dc.coverage.spatialΚαστανιές Ραχών (Ικαρία)
dc.descriptionΠαραδοσιακό ελληνικό τραγούδι με μουσική καταγραφή και ποιητικό κείμενο = Greek traditional song with musical transcription and lyricsel
dc.description.abstractThis song sketches a picture of the careless life of the fishermen of Ikaria. Each melodic unit covers a rhyming couplet in trochaic tetrameter. The melody, in duple (2/4) time, comprises two symmetrical phrases (2+2 bars) and falls within the span of the single ocatve D-D. Characteristic of this song are the rising fifths and the beginning of each phrase, and the cascade of short motifs that include it. The lack of crispness in the singing is due to the great age of the singer, shose voice however has a characteristic and imposing modulation and a very personal touch of irony.
dc.relation.ispartofΤραγούδια της Ικαρίας (Αριστοτέλειο Πανεπιστήμιο Θεσσαλονίκης - Τμήμα Μουσικών Σπουδών)
dc.sourceΑρχείο Θέμελης, Δημήτριος = Archive Themelis, Dimitrios.
dc.subjectSocial (daily life)el
dc.titleΟι Καριώτες οι ψαράδες.el
dc.title.alternativeThe fishermen of Ikaria.
dc.typeRecording, oralel

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