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    • Αμπέλι μου στραβόραδο. 

      Μελά - Καραμπάση, Κλειώ (τραγούδι) = Mela - Karabasi,Cleo (singer) (2016-06-08)
      The words of this song conjure up the characteristic landscape of Ikaria, with its vine-dotted slopes, rainy Mesaria, the storms that batter the mountainous region of Athera, and the sunbathed coastal village of Evdhilos, ...
    • Η Έλλη θέλει σκότωμα. 

      Κουτσογιάννη - Κατίνου, Μερσίνα (τραγούδι) = Koutsoyianni - Katimou, Mersina (singer) (2016-06-08)
      This song, which obviously originated in Asia Minor, is strophic in composition. Each verse is in the form of a rhyming couplet in fifteen syllable iambic meter, followed by a thirteen syllable refrain in a contrasting ...
    • Οι Καριώτες οι ψαράδες. 

      Βρούλου, Σοφία (τραγούδι) = Vroulou, Sofia (singer) (2016-06-08)
      This song sketches a picture of the careless life of the fishermen of Ikaria. Each melodic unit covers a rhyming couplet in trochaic tetrameter. The melody, in duple (2/4) time, comprises two symmetrical phrases (2+2 bars) ...
    • Σήμερα είν' η σχόλη σου. 

      Μελά - Καραμπάση, Κλειώ (τραγούδι) = Mela - Karabasi, Cleo (singer) (2016-06-08)
      This song is sung for a friend or realative celebrating his name day. It describes the entertainment - a lavish spread on the table accompanied by local wine - and finishes with good wishes for the entire family. The ...
    • Το τραγούδι του Καγρηγόρη. 

      ; Καρναβά, Αγγελική (τραγούδι) = Karnava, Ageliki (singer); Μαυρογιώργη, Πολυξένη (τραγούδι) = Mavrogiorgi, Polyxeni (singer); Μαυρογιώργης, Χρυστόστομος (τραγούδι) = Mavrogiorgis, Chrisostomos (singer) (2016-06-08)
      This song tells the story of a shepherd named Grigoris, who lived in Ikaria in the early years of the 20th century and whose sheep were constantly being stolen by other shepherds without him ever being able to catch them ...